Come and go anytime we’re open! If you’re using an Off-Peak entry pass, you’re limited to our off-peak hours.

M-F: 1400-2230   Off-Peak 1400-1800
SA/SU/PH: 1000-1800   No Off-Peak
>> PH hours may vary

To prevent overcrowding on weekday evenings (after 6PM), an entry limit of 45 is in place.
Bookings are not necessary but are encouraged for weekday evenings and to expedite check-in. 

>> Re-entries are allowed on the same day. If you intend to leave and come back, please inform our staff before leaving, otherwise you will not be allowed to re-enter.

>> For the comfort of everyone, please use chalk responsibly

>> To keep our walls and holds as sanitary as possible, climbing shoes must be worn to climb and should not be worn outside the gym to prevent contamination. We have climbing shoes for rent which must be worn with socks. If you are renting, please bring along a clean pair of socks, otherwise you may purchase a pair.

>> Children under the age of 12 (born 2010 or later) MUST be accompanied and supervised by their parent or guardian at all times while at b8A. Unaccompanied children under 12 will be denied entry. 

>> Obey all instructions given by our staff.

>> We reserve the right to refuse and remove anyone from our facility for flouting our rules or for what we deem as disruptive or disrespectful behaviour.

>> Always be aware of what’s around you – on the walls and on the mats.
(1) Before climbing, ensure that your fall zone along the entire problem is clear of obstructions and that your route will not conflict with other climbers. Know how your and your neighbours’ entire route progresses up the wall. Watch out for climbers not following the set problems. Give way to climbers already on the wall. 
(2) If you’re jumping off the wall, ensure that the area below is clear before jumping.
(3) When not climbing, ensure that you and your belongings stay well clear of the fall zones of others, off the mat is ideal.

>> There is a large steel beam that runs across the roof and into the walls. While our setters will make every effort to keep you away from danger, still be aware and watch out! 

>> As an added precaution to avoid falling off the mats or awkwardly, have someone spot you when climbing the slab wall (wall on the side of the windows) or when attempting riskier moves.

>> If you see any unsafe situations, please speak up and not wait for an accident to happen.

>> Respect the peace – refrain from making loud noises that can throw other climbers off.

>> All purchases and payments made are final and non-refundable
>> Passes are non-transferable
>> 5 or 10 pack credits, including U-21, expire 6 or 12 months respectively after date of purchase, i.e. 5 pack credits expire 1 Jul if purchased on 1 Jan.
>> By registering with us, purchasing passes or entering our facility, you agree to be bound by our Visitor Agreement (found here), Data Protection Notice (found here), b8A 101 (rules, terms and conditions contained herein) and all other rules governing entry passes (found here) and slot booking (found here).