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>> If climbing past/after 6PM on normal weekdays (non-PH), book the All-Day session! To prevent overcrowding in the evening, an entry limit of 45 is in place. You may book anytime before the session ends. Walk-ins are fine if we’re not full. 

>> For all other times (Weekday Off-Peak and Weekend/PH), no entry limits are in place. For a quick check-in, you are encouraged to book your entry when certain you are climbing. Otherwise, simply walk-in. 

>> To book a slot, purchase multi-passes (credit packs) first, or pay for single entry when booking. See Entry Passes for details. Book above or on the Glofox App. 

>> Changes cannot be made to a booking – you will need to cancel and book again. 

>> For minors to book under their own name, i.e. climb on their own, they have to book through their guardian’s account, but with their own profile (under Family Accounts) and have their own credits. Minor’s and guardian’s credits are separate.

>> Normal bouldering sessions are under {Classes}. Any special events will be under {Courses} – bookings for these do not show up under the Bookings tab of the app; go to the event page to verify your booking.  

>> Cancellations will not be penalised and your entry credit will be returned. Multi-pass credits have the same validity as before while single entry credits expire 28 days from date of cancellation. 

>> Join the waitlist to receive a notification when a slot becomes available. You will then have to make your own booking, fastest finger first. If you are on our app, it will send a notification, so ensure notifications are enabled. If you are not on our app, you will receive an email. 

Please note that once you tap the [Book/Cancel/Join booking list] button on the app, the action is performed – there is no subsequent confirmation screen.