b8A VIP is a monthly membership that grants UNLIMITED access to b8A!!

>> $88 monthly, $88 one-time joining fee <<
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By subscribing to b8A VIP, you agree to all rules, terms and conditions contained herein at www.b8a.sg/vip, and accept and agree to any changes that may be made. Please read and understand them before subscribing. 

Memberships are limited and they will not be available once fully subscribed.
To join the waitlist, please email boulder@b8a.sg

>> b8A VIP is strictly non-shareable, non-transferable and non-refundable.
>> Your photo will be taken and you will be asked to lower your mask when checking-in. If it is unclear to us that you are the person in the photo we have on record, we will request for evidence of your identity and if what you provide is deemed unsatisfactory, you will be denied entry. Impersonation will result in the immediate termination of your membership without any refunds.

>> You may not book for friends. If you have credits that you wish to book your friends in with, please contact us to assist with the booking. 
>> To pause, reactivate or cancel your membership, please email boulder@b8a.sg with your request.

>> The first payment of $176 ($88 joining fee + $88 monthly fee) is due on the day you subscribe to b8A VIP. Subsequent payments are due monthly on the same date, eg. if you subscribed on 8 Aug, payment is due every 8th of the month. 
>> You need to have a credit card on file and your card will be charged automatically on the payment date. If you would like to pay by other means, please contact us. 
>> If payment is denied by your card/overdue, you will be notified and your membership will be temporarily suspended until full payment is made. There will be no pro-rated discount or deferment of next payment when payment is late.
>> If payment is overdue for more than 10 days (eg. payment due on 8th and payment still not made at the end of the 18th), your membership will be terminated
>> Late cancellation/no-show charges will be charged to your card on file. If the charge is rejected, you will be notified and will need to pay by PayNow within 24 hours, failing which your membership will be suspended until the charges are paid. 

>> You may pause your membership at any time in 1 month blocks, at $10 a month, up to 3 months each calendar year. For a 1 month block that spans 2 calendar years, it will count towards the year with more days of the 1 month block. If they are equal, it will count towards the earlier year. Full pause fee will be charged at the point of requesting the pause. Next payment date will be pushed back by the same number of payments as months paused. 

You started your membership on 8 Aug 22 (payment due every 8th). On 10 Nov 22, you request to pause for 2 months, starting on 17 Nov 22. You will be charged the pause fee ($10×2) on 10 Nov, and your membership will pause on 17 Nov 22 and resume on 17 Jan 23. With your last payment on 8 Nov 22, the next payment is pushed back by 2 payments to 8 Feb 23.

The 1 month block from 17 Dec 22 to 16 Jan 23 will count towards 2023 as there are 15 paused days in 2022 vs 16 in 2023. You can pause for 2 more months in 2023.

>> You may reactivate your membership earlier, which will bring forward the next payment date by the same number of days that the reactivation was brought forward by. No refunds of the pause fee will be given. Subsequent payments will based off this new payment date. 

You request to reactivate your membership on 12 Jan 23, 5 days earlier. Your membership gets reactivated as requested, and the next payment is now due on 3 Feb 23, 5 days earlier. Subsequent monthly payments will be based off this new date, ie. payment will now be due every 3rd of the month.

>> You may cancel your membership at any time, with the membership remaining active until the end of the month that has been paid for, eg. if payment was made on 8 Aug, and cancelled anytime before 8 Sep, membership will remain active until 7 Sep.
>> There will be no refunds of any sort for cancelled memberships. Once cancelled, you will need to pay the joining fee again if you decide to subscribe again.